• Maylee Todd - Choose Your Own Adventure (2010)   Maylee Todd – Choose Your Own Adventure
    I first met Maylee when she was performing with Henri Faberge & the Adorables in 2006. Her solo project, which we produced together at Sleepytown in late 2008-2009, has a distinctly gentler feel but is no less quirky or fun. Bed tracks were recorded live-off-the-floor, with harp, vocals, and vibraphone dubbed soon after. Maylee spent several weeks doing more overdubs at home, and we reconvened to mix. Finally the album was mastered by Ryan Mills and released in 2010 by Do Right Music. Since then she's done several music videos promoting the album, lent her voice to Telus ads, and toured Europe with Janelle Monae. Buy it on Bandcamp.
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