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  • mentallyeel   mentallyeel.org
    Bizarre 1-bit blog styled after the Macintosh Classic. A standard for my school board through the primary grades, this was the computer I was ‘learned’ on.

    Tasked with creating a quirky monochrome theme for the blog, and inspired by the heroic Amiga Workbench javascript emulation at chiptune.com, a Macintosh System 7 theme began to take shape in my mind. I first created the share icons, using each social site’s favicon.ico as a reference. Next came converting the original System 7 fonts to work with the javascript font rendering engine Cufon. Since the source fonts are bitmap, not vector, I used an online tool called Pxfon to handle the conversion. Images of the character sets were screen-captured from Mini vMac, a System 7 emulator running on Windows. Icon and title-bar images were based on screen captures as well. Finally, the popular jQuery library was used for window behaviours.

    Big ups to the designer of the original Macintosh UI graphics, Susan Kare.
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