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  • Screenshot - ROYGMIX (February 2010)   ROYGMIX
    While mixing and mastering at Unichord, I became accustomed with using purpose-designed physical interfaces for the task - namely, the mastering desk and analog processor faceplates. However, the varied and largely digital nature of my clients' work lends itself much better to a solely digital post-processing environment. I started reading on NUI and other DIY multitouch sites, and soon built a functional 19" LCD with optical infra-red multitouch.

    ROYGMIX is a PureData patch which takes input from the multitouch screen and sends visuals back, while sending and receiving MIDI signals with the audio mixer. It allows easy control of 2 independent parameters by each finger in real-time, and improves the audio-visual correlation compared to a traditional 'row of faders' audio mixer by employing a two dimensional space.
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