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  • sleepytownsound.com-2008   sleepytownsound.com (2008)
    The second studio website, redone primarily in HTML rather than Flash for SEO. My partner and I designed it together at the studio, and aimed to capture the 'maturing, but still fun' vibe of the time. I took the panorama photo and soon realized that the actual walls of each room would make great background for the body text, and extend the feel of the studio into the site. I reused the flash 'cassette' mp3 player from the previous website, but added annotations. The 'recording cat' image was composed of a cat poster on the studio wall, with our actual vocal microphone positioned in front. :)

    More than a few times my clients mentioned how they enjoyed seeing the image from the 'Map' page in Warden station en-route to the studio - I think for regular clients and for me especially, this site felt like 'home'. Other features include an online rate calculator with example budgets, a photo collage of our microphone collection, detailed equipment and discography pages.
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